Shipments from a warehouse in Latvia! No customs fees or taxes for orders made to other EU countries!

Choice of kids and their parents

Kids like it because it’s easy to dress – only 30 seconds and you’re ready to go! Parents like it because it "grows" with the child.

Bungly boo! Children's Clothing Online Store
Bungly boo! Children's Clothing Online Store

Our responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone working for and with us is happy in their work. Our manufacturing is carried out in factories in Europe. These are carefully selected to ensure they fulfil our requirement specifications for working conditions.
Bungly boo! Children's Clothing Online Store

For active kids

We provide a good quality of our clothing that will last for a long time. We always ensure non-toxic clothing that allow kids to move and explore the world around them.
Bungly boo! Children's Clothing Online Store

Warm or cold, rain or wind? Our clothes are ready for all of these

We understand how diverse the climate can be in different parts of the world and we know what is the real warmth and cold. Each item takes into account the peculiarities of the season and the comfort to wear it in various weather conditions.


Bungly boo! is brand of children’s clothing created by two mothers. Our brand appeared in 2016, and few years later became recognizable thanks to the outstanding jumpsuits with flap.

We create cozy clothes for children, stylish and elaborate to the last detail.

We develop and produce new samples of clothing and together with our children we check how comfortable the products are to wear.